1. DDR 762 blued, perfect mgr. and condition, best ever mags, rare pattern mint magsx4

2. DDR 545, mint new, in rare late nylon “pull tab” pouch with matching “pull tab” grenade pouch magsx4

3. Polish 762 military black polymer magsx3

4. Russian 545 Tula AK74/AKSU bakelites magsx4

5. Chicom 556 steel blued (Norinco or Polytech?) new, in rare North Korean toggle pouch magsx3

6. Soviet RPK Vyatka marked (Molot) 7,62 75rd drum, black factory finish, mint in pouch magsx1

7. Soviet 762 steel blued slabsides excellent in rare mint side-by-side ’50’s dated pouch correct accessories oiler and milled cleaning kit, etc. magsx5

9. Bulgarian 762 black waffles mint new magsx3

10. Bulgarian 762 steel super rare pouch ex. magsx4

11. Bulgarian 545 polymer rare “Red Guard” special forces pouch in very uncommon 1-in-100 like new shape, magsx4

12. Bulgarian 762 steel, rare “Red Guard” pouch ex/new magsx4

13. Bulgarian 762 plum waffles circle 10 new rare two tone pouch magsx4

14. Bulgarian 556 smoke waffles, super rare nylon tab pouch new magsx4

15. Bulgarian 762 steel, new, super rare brown roundels leather trim pouch magsx4

16. Egyptian 762 ARM steel mags new in wrap magsx3 (Russian pouch)

17. Egyptian 762 ARM steel mags new in wrappers (Russian pouch) magsx3

18. Russian 762 Tula bakelites flat floorplate versions magsx3

19. Russian 762 Izhevsk early AKM steel 1960 pouch +1 side stamp magsx3

20 Russian 762 aluminum waffles near new ’60’s pouch magsx3

21. Russian 762 Izzy bakelties mint new magsx3

22. Russian 762 Izzy bakelties like new magsx3

23. Yugo 762 BHO blued steel new 4-cell w/rare striking blue rubberized liner! Much more impressive than image shows. SKK 17 military proofed, only 3 mags, no accessories, sorry. magsx3

24. Bulgarian 545 polymer rare 21-in-circle w/big military ink proofs, sand chocolate brown mags rare light pouch magsx4

25. Soviet 545 Izhevsk polymer plum mags late high molds new in rare late dated pouch line new all magsx4

26. Russian 762 very rare AK-103 polymer Izzy marked 30-rd “ribbed mags” mint new in late ’90’s pouch magsx4

27. Soviet 545 polymer mint new plum mags low mold numbers mid-80’s magsx4

28. Soviet 545 Tula bakelite mags like new exceptionally nice mid-80’s pouch magsx4

29. Soviet 545 Izzy bakelites nearly mint new mags great pouch set! x4 mags

30. Bulgarian 545 polymer new military black mags with big black mil-issue proofs magsx4

31. Russian 762 late 4-cell pouch with 3 Soviet 762 bakelites and 1 mint new Bulgarian steel mag