00-4-28-07-002The AK47 is by far the most produced rifle on the planet. And while collecting the rifles is what most people enjoy, there is a whole world of AK47 related collectibles out there too. I enjoy collecting the ammo for the AK47 and that has led to magazines and magazine pouches. These can be found very cheap at gun shows, gun shops, surplus stores and even thrift shops and pawn shops. Keep an eye open and you will start to see AK related collectibles all over the place.

00-4-28-07-001I find most of my spent cases at shooting ranges, just look down. I let people know I am collecting things and I’ve collected both of the ammo crates this way, from friends who gave me the boxes they would have normally thrown away, One ammo can was opened from the back, so it still looks good in the collection

There are head stamps, small numbers, on the cases Many of the older 7.62×39 and 5.45×39 cases are marked with the factories where they were made. My oldest case was a 1966 then at the 2007 SAR show I found am even older one, and a box of them only cost about $4. I keep one sample of each head stamp in an old ammo tray and any interesting ‘extras’ go onto stripper clips (for trade)

Norinco_brandChinese ammo can no longer be imported, so I collect the boxes. A few of these are full of ammo, the rest are empty ones I found in the trash at ranges or asked people fro after they shot them (of course I picked up a few spent rounds too for the head stamps)

Ak47 ammo comes in a wide variety of colors. metals and finishes

ammo-001The Ak47 ammo goes into a magazine in order to be shot so magazines are an extension of the ammo collection in a way. I have mostly standard (cheap) european type mags, but I occasionally buy or trade for a sample of other types of magazines. I did buy a red bakelite AK47 (not AK74) magazine for quite a bit, and besides the drums, it’s my most expensive magazine. Waffles, Slab side, bakelite, hunting legal, single stack, US made and drums are just a start to the variety in AK47 magazines.

On the 7.62×39 side of the fence there are still a lot of styles to choose from. There is a stripper clip, the actual ‘AK47 clip’, 5 and 10 round ‘hunting magazines’ 20 round for the AMD-65, 30 rounders, the most common, 40 rounders made for the RPK, 50 rounders (aftermarket, never issued) and drums in a few various flavors and sizes

0-6-27-06-013ssThe 30 round AK47 mags are most common and come in large variety. Bakelite, Waffle mags (US and Bulgarian), Yugo bolt hold open, one with a single rib, a standard european, an a chinese (with no rib)

You can get AKs in 7.62×39, 5.56×45 (.223) and 5.45×39 so there are mags available in all these calibers too



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